Lazy Jobs That Pay Really, Really Well

Lazy Jobs That Pay Really, Really Well

Many want to get paid for putting in the least effort possible. Here are jobs that don’t require much effort but pay really well.
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I think it’s safe to say that if you ask anyone about this, they’d all give you the same answer: do you want a job that doesn’t really require much effort, and actually may be fun as well, but pays really well? Of course the overwhelming response will be a resounding yes.

Well, there’s jobs of that nature that exist around the world. For example, a furniture tester is someone that manufacturers hire whose sole job is to sit on a chair or sofa for a set period of time, performing simple tasks before feeding back to the company. Simple, comfortable, and surprisingly lucrative with around $31,000 dollars paid per annum.

Or even a bed tester; paying around $53,000 per year, most bed testers work for third parties and are something akin to mystery shoppers for hotels, meaning that you get to enjoy the full amenities of some of the world’s best hotels – as well as a good night’s sleep – as your surprisingly well-paid job.

Luxury House Sitting
Video Game Tester
Furniture Tester
Professional Foreigner
Island Caretaker
Water Slide Tester
Sleep Study Participant
Bed Tester

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